Székesfehérvár which is one of Central Europe`s oldest cities is waiting for its guests. The city is located at half way between Budapest and Lake Balaton, near many main roads which are connecting Hungary to Western Europe, in the center of Transdanubia, in the embracement of the Vértes mountain range. The 1000 years` old ALBA REGIA is still and truly shows the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

The Gothic and Baroque style buildings, churches, architectural masterworks dignified palaces of the coronation city -- which was built by the first Hungarian king, the founder of the state Saint Stephen and which was enlarged continuously by the rulers who followed him on the throne -- adorn the streets and squares of the downtown, in spite of the destruction of the past. Today the town with its population of 120.000 people gives home to many important meetings and international festivals just like in the past. The "Kings" of today`s business life like to settle down in this city which became an industrial center as the multinational companies of 12 countries built factories on the confines of the city. The settlements -- which are keeping the traditions of the folk architectures -- and their surroundings with beautiful panorama are waiting for those who like excellent places of excursion.

The popular Lake Velence has medicinal tourism as well as swimming and sports facilities. It is also the paradise of anglers. While you are enjoying the services of PAJOR PANZIO, this beautiful city and its surroundings offer you excellent possibilities for spending your holiday under restful circumstances or even establishing new business contacts, as well as discovering all its lovely features that we could not mention here.




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